DQS offers an on-site diesel tank cleaning and fuel restoration service.

Whether stored in a vehicle, boat or an emergency back-up power generator’s fuel tank , modern commercial diesel is inherently unstable and within a matter of months, begins to form a layer of sludge on the side walls and the bottom of the fuel tank.

This sludge consists of oversized fuel polymer chains and typically contains separated tars, waxes, paraffins, and asphaltenes. The sludge accelerates the degradation of the fuel in the tank, resulting in significantly oversized fuel particles that can be many hundreds of times – to thousands of times larger than specified for quality diesel fuel.

These oversized fuel particles pose a major risk of filter plugging, early pump failure, early injector failure, and incomplete combustion resulting in damaging carbon deposits within the engine’s cylinder and on the cylinder head.

Other contaminants commonly found in diesel fuel tanks include water, micro-organisms (tank bug, algae) and foreign matter such as leaves, seeds, insects, rust and dirt.

The DQS tank cleaning team, utilising our proprietary range of tank cleaning machines, are able to remove these contaminants and recondition the fuel to ensure the correct specification for peace-of-mind operation. Our systems are able to clean tanks from as small as 40 litres (emergency fire pumps) through to tanks of 100,000 litres capacity and more.

Like a dialysis machine for diesel, the DQS closed-loop tank cleaning methodology avoids any decommissioning of the engine whilst the tank cleaning is undertaken. There is also no need for personnel to enter the hazardous confines of the tank, significantly lowering the risks for owners and operators.


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